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    JHG Consulting Network, Inc. offers specialized management consulting and heritage conservation services that address social, cultural, health and justice issues, challenges and opportunities. We work with governments, non-governmental organizations, societal and cultural institutions, academic institutions, and private sector interests. We undertake small-scale projects on specific topics that address specific challenges; and we also contribute to large-scale, multi-faceted initiatives.

    Collaboration is a fundamental part of everything we do, in all areas of our service offering. We work together with clients, their partners and stakeholders in balanced, engaging and constructive ways. Our experience working with diverse populations from different walks of life underpins our approach. We listen and seek to deepen understanding. We value the lived experiences of people and organizations. We use creative ways to share ideas and technical knowledge …Read More


    Our Collaborative Work in Nunavut

    We are pleased to announce that JHG Consulting Network, Inc. is now a registered corporation in Nunavut. JHG is honoured to be collaborating with Aarluk Consulting  to evaluate the Government of Nunavut’s Tobacco Reduction Framework. This collaborative project will blend the evaluation, survey research and community engagement expertise and experience that JHG and Aarluk have in Inuit regions and communities.


    Participatory Collaborative Project Evaluation with the Canadian Ethnocultural Council

    JHG’s Specialized Management Consulting team recently completed a participatory, collaborative evaluation of the Canadian Ethnocultural Council’s Hepatitis-C and Other Related Communicable Diseases in High-Risk Immigrant Communities Project. Through this evaluation, we had the opportunity to engage with the CEC, its project partners and trainers, in the evaluation design, implementation, reflection and analysis. Wanda Jamieson, Amy Knobelsdorf and Jessica Gustafson would like to thank the Canadian Ethnocultural Council, the Project Advisory Committee and the Lead Trainers and Workshop Participants for their engagement in and contribution to the evaluation process.

    For more about the project, see: http://www.ethnocultural.ca/hepc/about-project


    What’s New: Specialized Management Consulting Services Projects

    Check out this snapshot of some of our recent projects:

    Our Work with the Canadian Public Health Association Core Competencies in HIV/STBBI Prevention Project 

    This project was  grounded in a determinants of health perspective and  deepened insight on factors that contribute to vulnerability of HIV/STBBIs (Sexually Transmissible and Blood Borne Infections) and engaged organizations, service providers, populations at risk  in five urban communities and several communities in rural and northern settings.  The resource tools include: core competencies for STBBI, and STBBI health equity assessment and will aid in public health prevention practice related to STBBIs.




    Business and Community Engagement Forum, September 9th and 10th

    Wanda Jamieson will be participating in the Business and Community Engagement Forum at Carleton University, September 9th – 10th, 2014. The event is expected to be a dynamic forum for exchanging insights on business-community collaboration. We are looking forward to continuing to build on the collaborative research and experiences of the Sustainable Communities Initiative. Wanda looks forward to furthering JHG’s work on engaging community members in developing successful and sustainable community initiatives; as well as  youth engagement and experiential learning approaches to building community leadership.

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