Our Network

JHG leverages its network of local, regional and international experts and practitioners for specific projects and initiatives. Our collaborative approach enables us to offer clients and their partners the most qualified teams for the tasks at hand. Our teams have effective processes for working virtually, and face-to-face. We have capacity to deliver in both Canada’s official languages.

Periodically we offer internships on selected projects, working with client organizations and our network. For example, working together with the Canadian Public Health Association, we have teamed student researchers and evaluators with our staff, building practical experiences with new opportunities for skills growth.

Key Collaborators

We are thankful for the growing web of contributors and collaborators who contribute to JHG’s collaborative management consulting projects. This includes members of the Centre for Initiatives on Children, Youth and Community at Carleton University with whom we have partnered on many social, health and justice projects. From the private sector, Dianne Kinnon, of Kinnon Consulting has shared knowledge and skills in research and analysis, knowledge sharing, partnerships, strategic planning and program development in many projects. Francine Provost, of EKIP Training and Consulting, brings a passion for learning to JHG. Having worked with us in a variety of management consulting areas, including performance measurement and evaluation, we share her goal of helping clients develop competencies and maximize their work teams. Marianne Fizet brings extensive experience working with and connecting representatives of the Canadian and the international academic communities, and has continued success in organizing numerous international and national meetings. And finally, Bart Crawford, CEO and Founder of Crawford Collaborative Consulting, inspires much of our work. Centered on human relations capacities, Bart grounds his work in an experiential learning approach that is pedagogically sound, interactive, engaging and fun.

We are also thankful for a broad and diverse network of professionals in the heritage conservation field which Michael Harrington has built over many years. Recent contributors and collaborators in our heritage conservation work include Andrew Todd, of AT Conservators, Ltd., and Felix Solomon. This team designed and deliver successful workshop on caring for totem poles in partnership with the Hibulb Cultural Center and Natural History Preserve.

Respectful, reflective, resourceful – we get things done.