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In the days leading up to June 20th, 2013, the province of Alberta experienced heavy rainfall that triggered catastrophic flooding which came to be known as the worst flood in Alberta’s history. We are proud to be a part of the conservation community that was called into action to recover hundreds of objects from public and private collections that were damaged by the unprecedented onslaught of flood water.

Alberta Flood

JHG’s Michael Harrington (Heritage Conservation and Preservation Services) was on the ground in Calgary just days after the flood to provide guidance to the National Music Centre in the recovery of over 140 pianos, and an extensive electronic parts inventory that were affected by the flooding.  At the peak of the recovery effort, JHG was also able to coordinate the rescue of a private collection of 23 paintings and drawings that had been submerged for 6 days in a storage room in an underground parking structure. Our thanks to FSR Art and Archival Conservation in South Surrey, British Columbia, for taking on the treatment of the pieces following a rushed overnight delivery.

The entire JHG Consulting team was inspired by the tireless dedication of the many staff and volunteers who worked day and night to rescue affected objects and collections.  With a long road ahead, and many important decisions to be made, we extend heartfelt congratulations to our dedicated and resilient friends and colleagues in Alberta in the wake the massive flood recovery effort.