Heritage Conservation

Expert Technical Advice and Direction

JHG Consulting Network delivers a full range of heritage conservation services within Canada and internationally. We work collaboratively with our clients and their stakeholders to meet their conservation needs, offering a range of expertise and services that include: Artifact treatment; conservation project management; collections management and care; facilities planning and assessment; and training delivery. We also deliver expertise and services to cultural institutions in planning for and leading responses to disasters.

Developing Approaches to Conservation Challenges

We have capacity, experience and expertise in developing and leading multi-disciplinary professional and technical conservation teams. Meeting our client needs through consultation, collaboration and partnership is at the core of what we do. We are committed to designing safe, versatile and efficient work environments. We see the whole picture, and are skilled at working collaboratively to address issues and challenges at the operational and managerial levels; without losing sight of the unique cultural and historical significance of heritage assets.

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