Our Work

Sustainable Communities Initiative

Since 2009, in partnership with colleagues at the Centre for Initiatives on Children, Youth and Community at Carleton University (CICYC), Wanda Jamieson and JHG Consulting Network, Inc. Associates have participated in various capacities in the Sustainable Communities Initiative (SCI). Originating under the Oil Sands Leadership Initiative, SCI involves collaboration among oil sands companies, two northern […]

Our Work with Calgary’s National Music Centre (and the Rolling Stones!)

The following project might just be as close as we get to living the glamourous lives of rock stars: We are providing advice on the ongoing restoration of the Rolling Stones Mobile Studio, which will be one of the iconic center points in the National Music Centre’s new 160,000 square foot museum building when it […]

Peterborough Museum and Archives Renewal Update

We have really enjoyed spending time in Peterborough, Ontario – working together with our colleagues at the Peterborough Museum and Archives (PMA) on the Museum Renewal project in our role as Collection Relocation Consultants. Thanks to the passion, dedication and hard work of all involved, this project has gone smoothly – from addressing the shortage […]

Participatory Collaborative Project Evaluation with the Canadian Ethnocultural Council

JHG’s Specialized Management Consulting team recently completed a participatory, collaborative evaluation of the Canadian Ethnocultural Council’s Hepatitis-C and Other Related Communicable Diseases in High-Risk Immigrant Communities Project. Through this evaluation, we had the opportunity to engage with the CEC, its project partners and trainers, in the evaluation design, implementation, reflection and analysis. Wanda Jamieson, Amy […]

Performance Measurement & Evaluation 

JHG provides program evaluation planning and implementation services to governments. Recent examples for the Department of Justice include evaluation plans for program initiatives on topics such as victims of crime, family violence, drugs, and various legal services portfolios. On behalf of the Public Health Agency of Canada, JHG designed an interactive assessment tool and facilitation […]

Addressing Public Health Challenges 

The Canadian Ethnocultural Council (CEC) with funding from the Public Health Agency of Canada, is developing and delivering train the trainer workshops with ethnocultural communities  across Canada on “Hepatitis C and Other Communicable Diseases”. JHG is providing evaluation services in support of this work. Learn more about this work at www.cec.ca. The Canadian Public Health Association, […]

Health Literacy among Inuit 

JHG is evaluating another Pauktuutit project that aims to increase Inuit health literacy about cancer and related risk factors, as well as screening and early detection. We evaluated a project on sexual health “Tukisiviit? Do you understand?” that used a similar model to engage Inuit language specialists and practitioners . Learn more about these projects, […]

Women and Sustainable Economic Development 

JHG is providing participatory evaluation services on various projects being undertaken by Pauktuutit Inuit Women of Canada. For example, with funding from the Canadian Women’s Foundation’s Economic Development Program, we are working together to chronicle and evaluate workshops for current and aspiring Inuit women entrepreneurs using a sustainable livelihoods model adapted to the Inuit context. […]

Preservation Housekeeping Workshop for the Preservation Society of Newport County, Rhode Island

JHG offers customized, site specific training workshops and tools for conservation practitioners. In collaboration with our colleagues in the field, JHG developed and delivered Preservation Housekeeping for Historic House Museums, for the site supervisors and housekeepers of the Preservation Society of Newport County. The mansions of Newport County, Rhode Island provide a stunning glimpse of the […]

Calgary Stampede Heritage Collections Facility Study

In collaboration with Brian Laurie-Beamount, JHG worked with the Calgary Stampede Historic Collection, delivering a comprehensive assessment of the present and future storage options for this valuable cultural asset which plays a vital role in telling the story of the Calgary Stampede. The JHG team identified options to facilitate access to more objects with a […]